The Last Domino Game For Puerto Rico

In science, in life, in religion, nothing  necessitates   change like facing certain extinction.   Just as the bird evolves a curved beak, an ability to eat arsenic, or man's ability to survive extreme climate differences, all were driven by the need to survive.

Here in Puerto Rico, the news has been coming hot and heavy.  Each new piece of information compels us closer to an uncertain future.  Each ficha leading us closer to the end of the game.  When there are no more fichas that can be played, the game is trancao.  That is where Puerto Rico's future is headed.  

Soon we will reach a point where we must evolve, or we will face the end of the world, at least, as we Boricuas know it.  And the disruption, discord, and wealth destruction that will happen, if we go that route, will forever change this island, and perhaps even our "owners," the US of A.

The funny thing about life, is that we subconsciously know that things must change, and we accept it as best we can.  Change happens right before our eyes, it happened yesterday,  it's happening  today, and  it will happen  tomorrow.   Sometimes though, sometimes, those changes cause us to change as well.

For good, or for bad, I have a front-row seat to the upcoming spectacle.  It will be one for the history books, for sure.  For me, I've been working to prepare myself for change, even rapid-change.  In the end, I have only one solace.  While the machinations of politicians, corporate citizens, and corporate owned-governments play out this final game of dominoes.  I prepare. Those who prepare, survive, and perhaps evolve along the way.