Puerto Rico Has The Second Highest Income Inequality

After Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico has the highest income equality in the US.

La Perla, Old San Juan
The Census has released a map plotting states' respective Gini coefficients. A Gini coefficient measures the income disparity in a given area; i.e., its gap between rich and poor was lowest.

Among all states and the U.S. territories, the District of Columbia led with a coefficient of .534, followed closely by Puerto Rico at .531. The state with the biggest income disparity is New York.

Most remarkable is that the U.S. continues to have an average rate — .475 compared to 2010's .469 — that rivals El Salvador's.

From Business Insider.


Over the past 60 years, Puerto Rico has gone from a place where nearly everyone was broke as fuck, to a place that you ain't nobody unless you rich as fuck.  If you think that things got bad in the US during the "Great Depression," conditions in Puerto Rico were literally third world.

Along comes "Operation Bootstap" and Puerto Rico instantly became a thief's dream; stacks of free money for every crime imaginable.  There was so much cash left over, that even "honest" and self-made men, could even get in on the action, and still come out squeaky clean.  Some even became our most "revered" citizens.

We instantly created a privileged class of citizens.  The "1%" became our ideal, our role models.  As more families distanced themselves from the lower caste, businesses learned that there was a new breed of citizens who wanted to prove to their neighbors that they were no longer part of the "99%."

Just try to reconcile these two recent  headlines: "Puerto Rico's children mired in poverty that dwarfs rest of U.S" and "Puerto Rico Launches New Luxury Mall Project in San Juan."  I wonder who will want to go there most?  The "1%" or the rest of the posers on the island who need to "prove" that they are "entitled" to shop there?