Map of Electric Daisy Carnival 2012

Flipped through the paper this morning and to my delight, there was an advance copy of the map and layout for 2012 Electric Daisy Carnival in Puerto Rico.  A quick check of the website, and I confirmed this map hasn't been posted there, so this is a web exclusive. Here's how they're organizing things:

Click for a larger view!
As mentioned yesterday, there will be four stages.  Both circuitGROUNDS and bassPOD will be indoors, while the kineticFIELD and neonGARDEN will be outside with the carnival rides.  Both of the indoor stages appear to hold the most people, so I guess planners expect the biggest crowds there, mosh pit anyone?  The smallest space is reserved for neonGARDEN.

From the map, there appear to be six carnival rides planned for EDC 2012, with a trio of local art installations.  If you get the munchies while you're at EDC, and you will, then head to the neonGARDEN.  Just to the right of the stage appears to be the only location to grab something to eat. 

Finding a drink won't be any problem, but remember ALL drinks, food, and merchandise must be paid for in cash.  So, save yourself some aggravation and stop at a sacachavo before entering.  There will be some portable ATMs inside, but I wouldn't depend on them.  We'll see you tomorrow, enjoy!