Puerto Rico EDC 2012 in Panamerican Pier?

Just how many people can fit into the facility? Will it be enough?

Just take a quick look at this link for the ariel photography of the Panamerican Pier on the World Port Source: Panamerican Pier. Based on last year's reported crowd for EDC and Skrillex in Pablo Sixto Escobar in January, I'd guess at least 15,000 ravers will want to go to the carnival.

I don't know how much of the facility has been cleared, but it needs to host 3 stages, the rides, PLUS 15,000 raging ravers.  Seems like too small of a location.  Change of venues have been a common occurrence with festival like atmospheres. Both EDC 2011 and Skrillex changed venues, it all depends on us.  Ticket sales will most likely drive the venue. So we'll see.