Nice background Interview with DatsiK

My teenage daughters do it. My 8 yr old does and I have to confess. I do it too!

Whenever I get hooked by a new artist, I've got to know more about them. I (we) start looking for other videos, maybe interviews, maybe a backstage perspective. I love learning about what artists think about themselves and their influences.

So that's what I've been doing for DatsiK. In this nugget I found in the archives of Spinner Magazine. It's an interview with DatsiK he shares his experience participating with music festivals, his roots, and guily pleasures:
After first hearing the punishing bass of the dubstep sound on ginormous outdoor festival speakers, DJ/producer Datsik was hooked like a junkie with his first hit. Ever since, Datsik has still been in search of that perfect high, playing with some of the top performers on the circuit, driven to create more and more boundary-pushing bass music.
Thanks Spinner!