Electric Daisy Carnival User Experience

We live in an infinite marketplace.  probably anything you can imagine, and much more, is already for sale over the Internet.  One of the new successful business models for content is live performances.  Creating scarcity,  there's nothing like going in person and feeling the energy vibe.  That's why these unique experiences are such good business.

Electric Daisy Carnival, by using multiple tiers or entertainment, the event appeals to it's audience in multiple senses and tastes.  So what is EDS like?  Speaking from a transmedia or software development perspective, the user experience for someone who attends Electric Daisy is something like this (photographs graciously provided by Caesar Sebastian via a Creative Commons license, great job mate!) :

Kick Ass Jams All Night Long!

Choices. Where do you want your experience to go?
Throw in mind bending special effects!

Add a few hundred body thrashing revolutions.

Step back and marvel at all the beautiful people having fun!
Speaking of someone have the time of his life! I'm gorgeous!
Raise the intensity X 100 and feel the bass!
Until you feel like this!

But remember to take a break every once in a while. Pace yourself! Enjoy!