EDC Update: Indoor Space @ Panamerican Pier

Researching the acts for EDC, I ran across this video from an indoor facility.  Looking back on the satellite image, their are two large buildings on each side of complex.  That's 2/3 of the stages, and a lot more room for the last stage plus carnival.

H8erz Live at Calvin Harris Muelle Panamerican

I bet this move is because September 15th is the peak of hurricane activity on the island.  Last years EDC caught a break and we missed almost completely hurricane Maria in 2011.  The field (except for Tito Puente Ampitheater) was a mud trap.

I bet Insomniac would prefer to go with a concrete and indoor based facility, like the Panamerican Pier, than take another chance on the weather. An actual hurricane hit would most likely be cancelled, but they would know whether to go for it or cancel it with days of notice.  Setting up and breaking down in good weather and firm footing is critical to any show's profitability.