Making It Up

PRTC marketing official plugs some incorrect facts.

As a long time fan of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," I'm very familiar with someone just saying whatever they want, regardless of whether it is true or not.  So when I saw the headline "Puerto Rico Tourism Company rolls out digital initiatives," recently, I was prepared to put on my boots and wade through the bullshit.

According to Nicole Rodríguez, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Chief Marketing Officer:
"We have the advantage of being the only Caribbean destination capitalizing on this extraordinary promotional tool [the Internet] that has more and more users every day.  In fact, hits to our website increased by 217.88 percent in April 2012 vs. April 2011.  With the addition of social media to our promotional efforts, the destination will reach an even greater number of influential tourists.” 
It sounds like something that might be true, hard to say, right?  Well, it's not. I've met some folks at the St Thomas Department of Tourism, and I can assure they know about the Internet.  In other words, Puerto Rico is not the only Caribbean destination using the Internet to lure travelers using the Internet and Social Media.  Their website traffic might be better, but the sole Caribbean island on the Internet, we are not.