Puerto Rico Cruise Industry By The Numbers

Cruise Industry Dreams
Recently I did some Internet window shopping. You know surfing through a variety of websites looking for things you wish you had the money to pay for. Since the cruise ship industry has come under scrutiny. Is Puerto Rico growing or losing, with respect to cruise ship departures (or visits).

Cruising through the Carnival Cruise Ship Website, on a 7 tour beginning in Puerto Rico, and visiting St Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Marteen. Puerto Rico had the least excursion opportunities. In order of the number of excursions offered:
  1. St Thomas: 25 (Population: 51,634)
  2. St. Lucia: 22 (Population: 174,000)
  3. St Marteen: 15 (Population: 74,852)
  4. St Kitts: 14 (Population: 52,402)
  5. Barbados: 13 (Population: 273,331)
  6. Puerto Rico: 5  (Population: 3,978,702) 

We are 17 times the largest of those islands and 77 times larger than the smallest, yet we are last in excursions. Add another paradox to the list. How could this be?