Coors Light Puerto Rico Electronic Music Fest

I'm always shocked by how haphazardly events are thrown together and poorly advertised here in Puerto Rico. I literally just learned about this event yesterday, and it's tomorrow. Just in case you're like me, I wanted to share the details of the festival; it sounds like a good one.

Tomorrow, on the grounds of the Rio Grande Plantation, Eco Resort, Coors Light will host the Puerto Rico Electronic Music Festival. Featuring top electronic dance performers from Puerto Rico, the festival looks like it would be a lot of fun.

With three stages, the Lost Forest, the Groove Terrace, and the Bass Jungle, the festival has the setup for the ultimate rave. Literally on the footsteps of El Yunque, this festival has it all: hi-tech sound systems, light shows, special effects, and over 35 local acts.

I just wish that they had given everyone a little more time to hear about this one. I'm truly sorry I won't be able to attend, and at $15 a ticket, it would have been worth the drive and the $15 bucks just to experience a taste of the vibe. Of course, I bet they'll make up the low ticket prices with $4 beers and expense food kiosks! But still, 10 hours of tripping in the jungle to techno music; what could be cooler? More details can be found on the Coors Light Puerto Rico website.