Puerto Rico Does It Better: Bipartisan Politics

In a crazy-mad rush to attract Republican voters, Rick Santorum, recently called for the repeal of President Barack Obama's health care plan. The candidate also shared this nugget:

"We have to repeal the biggest abuse and abuser of the Constituion: Obamacare," said Santorum to large cheers and yells from the crowd. "It is the greatest affront to conservatism and American liberties."
Of course, when it comes to bipartisan politics, then Puerto Rico really does it better. Without question, almost every social or economic analyst agrees on one thing. By having our political parties cancel each other's programs is the leading cause of social and economic stagnation in Puerto Rico. I first called out our leadership in partisan politics over a year ago. This is only going to get worse, as we increasingly live within echo chambers only listening to the views we support and never looking deeper for different viewpoints or wider perspectives. Oh woe is us!