PPD Moral Bankruptcy

Decision to keep current status an act of cowardice -

I think that ex-Senator, and ex-candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico, Rubén Berrios has called this one correctly. The recent decision by the leadership of the Popular Democratic Party to vote in favor of keeping the current status in place is the act of a bunch cowards. It is simply the PDP declaring moral bankruptcy. Although Berrios called it political bankruptcy, I think we're both saying the same thing. Wait, what? Did I just agree with Berrios? Uhhh, moving on.

It is moral bankruptcy because the PDP has been crying out for years (forever?) for an improved ELA, for more sovereignty. In short, to change the current status situation. Now that we are being asked to vote on a non-binding plebiscite, to decide on whether to keep the current status situation or seek a new status, they want party faithfuls to vote for no change in the status situation.

Seems like it is quite easy to talk about political colonialism. It is easy to pretend that one actually has values on which your moral convictions are based. Of course, any one who has been persecuted for their convictions will tell you, when asked to stand up for one's beliefs; it is not the time to sit down, just because you're afraid of what might happen.