Skrillex in Puerto Rico: Ultimate Rave

From the first booming bass notes that Skrillex dropped, it was clear that Puerto Rico was about to experience the best electronic dance rave, ever to happen on the isle of enchantment. It's hard to describe something that you never even thought was possible, but I'll try.

Sure, this was Skrillex, but I had never imagined a show could have that much energy, that much intesity, and be so enjoyable. Performing to a massive crowd, Skrillex is clearly leading the pack of techno/dubstep/drum and bass music.

The Show

Estimates by Skrillex on his Twitter feed put the audience inside Escobar Sixto stadium between 10 to 13 thousand people, and it felt like it. From the moment I got through security, I headed straight towards the front. I was determined to be close when Skrillex hit the stage.

The mass of humanity I had to struggle through was enormous. Once I got as close as I could Alvin Risk had finished most of his set and Zedd came on. It was pure insanity! Everyone down front was battling a crush of human flesh pressing down on us. Security staff were pushing back against of temporary steel walls. At times, I felt as if I was in a human compacting machine.

In my 30 years of concerts, I don't think I've ever felt so smashed. I've been smashed in many, many other ways. But this was something completely different.After Skrillex came on, I was literally struggling to stay on my feet. The air around us began to become heavy with evaporated sweat. To get a fresh breath of air, you had to tilt your head back and gasp for oxygen.

Some made, while others battled on. At one point, I had to help this one chick. She was shorter than most. And I could see, that she was struggling to survive, and she was about to lose. I helped her to the front to be rescued by the security staff.

After 4 of 5 songs, I decided that I had had about enough too. It was so hard to breath, and the constant shoving was getting bad. I had to get out! Thinking back, I should have just turned around and walked straight back, but I angled to one side. Big mistake!

I kept running into these temporary metal barriers. It must have taken me 30 minutes to finally reach the back of the crowd. It had been a struggle to get out, but I was clear. I was soaked from head to toe in sweat and massively dehydrated. I chugged a couple of $3 bottles of water, and chilled in the back of the stadium for a while

I kept thinking the show would end with me in the back, but Skrillex kept hammering out strong beats. After a while the energy caught up to me again, and I begin to creep to the front. While I kept hearing Skrillex say this was the last song, he kept playing and playing.

With each song, my energy rebuilt. I had caught my second wind and was heading in for more. A couple of pretties were making a break for the front too. I decided to tag on for the ride. Their good loooks caused guys to quickly part and we all slid to the front.

Skrillex finished the show with some new songs off his new EP "Bangarang" and of course he dropped "The First of The Year" Coincidentally, our Puerto Rico show was Skrillex's first show of the 2012, so that was pretty cool.


Skrillex in concert is different than just listening to his songs. His live show reflects a more fluid mixture of a lot of his music with what were probably improvisational transtions. One thing was clear, while I was close enough to see Skrillex, he was clearly having a blast. The audience was pumping him up and driving him on. He frantically swithed between his Machintosh, his mixing units while ocassionally lighting up a cigarette.

Again from Skrillex's Twitter posts, he could feel how much Puerto Rico appreciated the show. We poured our hearts into his perfomance and I know he could feel the love. He said so, as well, on Twitter.

Believe it or not, I think that Skrillex could have filled el Choliseo, but then it wouldn't have been rave, would it? With Electric Daisyland Carnival on tap later this year, we may need to find a rave location that can hold 25K or more crazy ravers.

I've been to a lot of shows, but I'd have to say that Skrillex's performance here in Puerto Rico has to be in my top ten. The music, the emotion, the BASS, the bowel shaking BASS, was an experience everyone should have.

I bet we'll see Skrillex back in puerto Rico soon. While he was here he did some skydiving and zipling in El Yunque, so I think it was a blast for him. If he does come back, I'll surely be there again. Will I chill out in the back or will I risk the gauntlet of thousands of crazed ravers? Time will tell and, as always, it always depends on just how smashed I'm willing to be. You know what I mean? Peace.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Having only one door in and one door to get out, really sucked. This was my first time inside Estadio Sixto Escobar and I'd say it was a shitty place to go to a rave.

[Editors Note] Ever since the show, I've been mostly on my back, sick. I wish I could have shared this earlier. But now that I've the strength, it's the first thing I'm writing. Believe me, it's been on my mind this whole time.