Puerto Rico Tourism Wastes Another $20 Million

Soft corruption at its' best -

Recently Travel Weekly reported that the Puerto Rico Tourism Company was spending $20 million on a new advertising campaign that will run through June. The new marketing campaign for the upcoming winter and peak tourism season combines traditional marketing tactics with an emphasis on social media, smartphone apps and a revamped website.

The $20 million U.S. tourism campaign, makes use of nine electronic billboards in New York's Times Square to display the new advertisements, which feature images of tourists enjoying activities such as golf, snorkeling and gaming. The current ads offer a variation on the "Does It Better" theme, declaring that "We Do Winter Better."


Most people can't imagine how much $20 million is. So let's try a few things. Imagine that we still have a population of 4 million. To pay for this campaign, every man, woman, and child paid $5 to have Puerto Rico splashed across the screens around Times Square. Have you ever been there? I have, it is literally an assault on your eyes and ears. Imagine being surrounded by around 50 huge LCD screens all playing a different commercial, at the same time. Oh yeah, that was money was spent wisely.

If we could only use 1/4 of that money to police and clean our beaches, maintain the bathrooms, ...., ahh screw it. I just thought you'd like to know how your hard earned tax dollars were being spent. The whole thing just disgusts me.