Excessive Gun Fire Rings In New Year


As difficult as this video is to watch, it merely punctuates an extremely violent end to a historically bloody 2011. With four injuries from stray bullets, one confirmed death, and another victim in critical condition, thousands of hours promoting no "balas perdidas" on New Year's Eve. All for nothing!

It's been decades since I felt comfortably on New Year's Eve. While the illegal fireworks make it sound like a war zone, we now have a personal account of the horror of living with gangs controlling our streets. While she hides it well, you can see the terror in her eyes. Worse, her brother knows the sounds of different gun reports; he can identify the type of  weapons being fired.


Where does hope exist in this situation. If this happened to just one brave family, how many others passed the last night of 2011 hiding on the floor of their houses? No amount of money can fix this problem. It's been building slowing for decades, and is quickly reaching a boiling point. How much longer will the citizens of Puerto Rico stand by and accept bribes, participate in corruption, and remain oblivious of the collapse of our society?


While it hasn't reached your house, or mine, it will. I did hear and found a spent blank shell in the street, so I know someone was walking around shooting blanks from a pistol. How much longer until he buys real bullets? Take your precautions! Take them now. Don't wait to become the next victim.