Update: Doral Financial and Bancl Popular Investors

Just in case any of you might be a customer of Doral Financial or Banco Popular, I've been assured by a leading analyst that we have nothing to fear. All of our accounts are covered. In the worst case scenario the FDIC would step in and assume control of the accounts. Even if it's the end of the world for either of them, even our mortgages are safe (assuming that they still own them).

While that is a huge relief, the analyst also had a warning. If you're a shareholder of DRL or BPOP, you should sell them while you can.

These are dark times indeed, but thanks to TEDx San Juan, we know that there are shining points of light right here in our island of enchantment. Let's use them as inspiration to become our own shining stars; enough to fill the darkness that surrounds us.