TEDx San Juan

Tomorrow is a big day for Puerto Rico. It is a big day for the many people who've persevered, to bring TED conferences to Puerto Rico. I know it was "una cuesta arriba," so congratulations to everyone involved in pulling together TEDx San Juan.
Curiously, they've chosen not to reveal the agenda for the event. Instead, they're going to announce the event details the same day as the conference. I'm sure that will keep everyone jumping trying to catch up.
MC Don Dees finagled his way onto the invitation only list, so I'll have more for you tomorrow. In addition, I'll be working with Mis Tribus and Puerto Rico eNews to bring you more throughout the weekend.
2011 has really been a breakthrough year for the Internet in Puerto Rico. TEDx San Juan, Wordcamp, Social Media Club, and Startup Weekend were all great steps forward. Everyday, I see more signs that the Internet is gaining broader and deeper acceptance locally. I have two predictions:
  1. We're still on training wheels here in Puerto Rico, but the rollercoaster ride that is the Internet, is just about ready to take off. Look for a more ubiqitious Internet presence in 2012.
  2. The Internet marketing embargo that the local advertising agencies controls, is starting to leak. When the dam breaks, it will break a tidal wave of opportunity.

Happy computing and look for me at TEDx San Juan tomorrow!


Héctor Ramos

8 de diciembre de 2011, 18:09
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I'm glad you will join us tomorrow for TEDx San Juan! Everyone is welcome to join us for the live stream at http://www.tedxsanjuan.com/live at 8 AM Eastern.