Skrillex in Puerto Rico Shopping Guide

Top choices for raver gear

I really thought Skrillex would be sold out by now. With limited space, many people who went to the Electric Daisy Carnival should be pumped for this opportunity. Skrillex is at the top of his game, and for sure, he's gonna throw down an amazing show.

Luckily there's still plety of time to get your tickets and order only the very best raver apparel. I'm going to order a set for me, right after I finish this.

Raver Blacked Out Gloves

By far, this was the coolest thing I saw at EDC. They just really look like a lot of fun to play with. So, first on the shopping list is a pair of LED tipped raver gloves. It's hard to choose, but I'm an RGB kind of guy. There are a variety of choices. But I'll be sporting the Raver Blacked Out Gloves RGB LED 7 Colors Light Show Gloves. If you look for them, there's a bunch of great videos on YouTube, like this one that show you a little taste. Just imagine:

Light up LED Shutter Shades Multicolor Rockstar Sunglasses

For the next step in mood altering effects, if you're going to be rocking a light show for eveyone to see, then you might as well as be your very own light show. Imagine looking this these babies as a you are completely immersed in a light show! These LED glasses will really get to bouncing when the dubstep gets you jumping. So step two in my raver ensemble is a pair of Light up LED Shutter Shades Multicolor Rockstar Sunglasses.

Red LED Shoelaces Light up Shoe Laces

No ensemble is complete without some lights for your kicks. These Red LED Shoelaces are gonna make my feet look they are on fire when I get to dancing. Uhm, I mean bouncing. As you can see, you've got a variety of colors to choose from. Live a little, can you picture yourself in pink?

Only for serious ravers

Now the dynamic duo I saw at EDC used, what I would call, only for the seriously cool. So if you're seriously cool, then you'll also want to buy an Ultimate Candy Raver LED Pacifier.

For me, there's something about dancing around with a flashing pacifier in my mouth that doesn't seem like the manliest thing to be be doing. Because, the gloves, glasses, and shoelaces are really gonna come of as pretty, maybe too pretty. But, hey, it's in the name of partying as hard as I can at the show, so why not?