San Juan Mayor's Christmas Card

Cafre with a capital C

There's nothing that says Merry Christmas like showing the violent death of prey by a wild predator. Am I right? Illuminate your dreams? Of what? Being savagely killed by a large cat or of killing fresh meat?

I think it's safe to say that this is a low point for Puerto Rico politics and culture. Why so? When we were hustling to make take off, we met with an experienced consultant. At one point when we were discussing strategy and marketing, he shared that "Puerto Ricans, like whatever is most cafre." After seeing examples like this photograph, it is really hard to argue with his observation. What was Jorge Santini. Mayor of San Juan, and his wife thinking?

Can you imagine the conversation they must have had with their little eight year old daughter. "Papí, what do these animals have to do with the baby Jesus or Santa?"

"Well you see, my dear Amanda, we're trying to remind everyone that Christ the King was born on this day."


"And that's why we we're reminding everyone that if they don't vote for the New Progressive Party, they'll be just like this poor little gazelle.

"You scare me Papí!"

"That's good Amanda! That's just the effect I was looking for. You see, I'm jealous, just like God. So I want everyone to know that I will smite them just like this leopard did to this gazelle."



"You're really wierd!"

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