Overwhelming Criminality in Puerto Rico

Openly Hunting Each Other

It happens almost every day now. Someone is assassinated in PUBLIC, in plain view, everywhere you turn. It has been difficult watching this trend grow. The signs have been clear, and I have been warning everyone. Now, like many of our problems, most people want to just duck their heads back into their lives (asses) and pretend that this problem does not affect them. You know, they don't come from the 50% of our victims who "deserved it."

What about the three people who were injured in the Caguas unemployment office? They're lucky! As this wave of public hunting continues, we may yet see scenes where everyone is murdered; you know, just to get rid of all the witnesses. This murder hits close to home. I drive by Linkthe Caguas Unemployment Office at least 5 times a week, sometimes more. I was even a client there when corporate America dumped me here in Puerto Rico.

Two solutions

  1. Let's acknowledge that people are hunting each other in the streets, shopping malls, offices, highways, etc. We've all got to become better prepared against this threat. We have to significantly increase the security of our public spaces, including government and private offices as well. How long before someone gets gunned down, waiting like a trapped duck in a doctor's waiting room?

  2. We've got to take control of our borders. We live in a hugely entitled welfare state. We assume things, like our protection. We like to blame those pesky Imperial Americans; it is their jurisdiction, via the Jones Act. They SHOULD be taking care of this problem.

    The only thing that matters is inspecting ALL shipment containers that come in to Puerto Rico through our ports. That's where all of the illegal guns, like the AK-47, are coming into Puerto Rico. As soon as shipments leave the Federal inspections, we need to establish our own 100% inspection station.

I can't stress more importantly, why Puertor Ricans MUST OWN this problem. It affects us all. We're trading our future for the greedy pursuit of money and the false trappings of a superficial world. It has to stop! We must unite to solve criminality.