$211 Billion and So Much to Buy -- American Youths, the New Big Spenders

The New Big Spenders

Youths are extremely engaged in all aspects of technology and media and influence family's purchases. Plus they have huge spending power of their own.

Eight to 24 year olds are ready to spend money in 2012. 211 billion dollars, to be more precise. According to the 2012 Harris Poll YouthPulse(SM) study, the purchasing power of today's youth is something that should not be overshadowed by the spending power of adults. Over half of eight to 12 year olds will spend their own money on candy (61%) and toys (55%) while a quarter will buy books (28%) and one-in-five will purchase clothing (19%). Teens, those 13-17, still crave candy, and half (51%) will make a point of treating themselves to sweets. However, clothing (42%) and entertainment, like movie tickets (33%) have become bigger priorities for this older group.


People of the earth, hear me now understand me later, ...

'Traditional advertising is losing the battle in where this demographic consumes content."
I would submit that while there may be parts of Puerto Rico which do not have high adoption Internet rates. I insist that we have to think of this demographic as the first completely digital people.

Their Internet connectivity and participation in social networks is 100%. Or a number so close to 100 that they still mean the same thing. You want to reach this group you've got to get past their bullshit filter and engage with them as humans, unique people each and everyone. And it had better be online, on YouTube or TMZ.