What De-Occupy Wall Street Means for Puerto Rico

With the recent crackdowns and dismantling of the Occupy Wall Street camps in Oakland, and New York, the Puerto Rico Police Department now has a new weapon at their disposal. With these precedents, I predict that this strategy will be used on all future protest encampments in Puerto Rico.

As you know, Puerto Rico has seen it's share of protest encampments. Dating as far back as the mid-90s with the anti-Navy protests, up through the Paseo Caribe encampments, one could even suggest that Puerto Rico served as the model for the whole Occupy Wall Street movement.

As I've witnessed over the years, you can be certain that these heinous and politically motivated actions against occupiers will become standard procedure here in Puerto Rico. In my opinion, the more outrageous and nefarious the actions of the United States judicial or political systems, the faster they are adopted here in Puerto Rico. With massive arrests and now disbanding groups of peaceful protests, it's almost certain these tactics will be common here in Puerto Rico.

Picture: Bryan Smith / KeystoneUSA-ZUMA