Social Media Is Not About Me

In tribute of my upcoming training MC Don Dees has asked me to guest write here at Dondequiera. So I'll be taking the reins here for a while. My purpose is to share with you some of the background for Mis Tribus, our Conversational Model (previously called the Revenue Growth Model), and

I've been a fan of Kathy Sierra ever since I attended her tutorial Creating Passionate Users at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention back in 2005.  But I have to admit that some of her key points never hit home, until today. Even though I watched her give this keynote presentation at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference, I never really understood how to make my readers kick ass (as she puts it).

Fast forward nine months of in-depth research on Twitter and social media and things couldn't be clearer. Social media is not about me. It's about how much value I create for my followers, friends, and connections. Of course, social media is many things to many different people, but I think in the arena of content creation, it's all about your users; or as Kathy puts it: "It's about my audience's audience." Ok, I get it.