Live Tweeting the Digital Publicity in an Election Year Panels

Ernesto Gonzalez from the IAB Caribbean has asked me live-tweet tomorrows Digital Publicity in an Election Year Panels. I'm really excited for the opportunity to join this conversation. As I tweeted yesterday, I think that as it happened in 2008, I believe that next year's elections will be a tipping point for social media in Puerto Rico.

If you're not registered to go yet, I think you should drop everything and give Jessica a call at 787-289-8703! This may be one of the pinnacle events that finally starts the Internet marketing dams to start to crumble. As my good friend Don Dees has mentioned before, the advertising agencies have successfully held back Internet marketing in the Puerto Rico market. I'm convinced MC Don Dees is right, and 2012 just might be the year for that to happen; propelled by the role social networks play in the elections.

However, as I think we will hear tomorrow, all of the major politicians are in a race to dominate the local conversation on social networks. What I think will become clear to the political parties and candidates, is that advertising as we used to know it, will not produce the kind of engagement necessary to win the donation race and win elections. At this point, the only place to find the type of supporter engagement is on Twitter and Facebook.