Ideas are easy; Changing Puerto Rico is hard

For the last two years, I've followed the series of Foro Ciudadanos conducted by El Nuevo Dia. I really admire their efforts to engage with readers/citizens to hear what's important or what is on people's mind. It's what our politicians should be doing, but alas, unless we're passing out donations, politicans just aren't interested.

Part of the larger Agenda Ciudadanos, I beleive the forums miss the bigger problem of what is needed in Puerto Rico. It's great to give everyone the opportunity to voice their concerns, but ideas are the easy part. Just sit around any kitchen table or bar and you'll hear a litany of diagnosis for what ails Puerto Rico. You might even hear some ideas about what to do, but that's where they stay; hanging in the air like the smell of stale smoke and beer.

When I was young I remember my parents telling me that I could do anything, and they were right. However, what I've learned is that they missed the disclaimer that goes along with that positive affirmation. We can do anything, as long as we are willing to accept the sacrifices and consequences that result from our conviction.

So I'm glad to hear that participants in the forums over this last weekend are concerned that their suggestions don't die. Perhaps rightly so, Maria de Lourdes Lara, director of Citizens Agenda, reminded participants that it all depends on the citizens themselves to keep alive the proposals and take action. True, but don't the organizers of the forums also have a responsibility?

If they have this database of suggestions, why doesn't the Citizens Agenda now build a database of non-government agencies and non-profits. Then they could match up people with ideas with organizations capable of taking action. I believe it is their responsibility to empower and enable the citizens who cared enough to propose a solution, so that they could then follow-up their suggestion with action. That, is what we most need; action. Generating ideas, turning them into solutions that help Puerto Rico is the real challenge.