Event: Digital Advertising During An Election Year

The Interative Adververtising Bureau of Puerto Rico is hosting a series of panels in an event next week. On November 10th, starting at 8:00am, in the Fine Arts Cinema and Cafe in Hato Rey, the organization will examine how new dgitical platforms like facebook, Twitter, and others will impact eh 2012 elections in Puerto Rico.

The event will feature four panels:

  • The political campaign in the digital era
  • The challenge of
  • Alternative media as an option to manage political saturation
  • Successful examples of digital campaigns during elections
Participants will learn the secrets of making campaigns stand out amid the avalanche of election advertising that will flood traditional media in 2012. Learn how interactive media can be your best advertising alternative in this scenario.

Interative Adververtising Bureau of Puerto Rico invites you to this unique meeting with politicians, experts and representatives of online advertising and traditional media. Speakers will share their secrets and offer alternatives for the development of successful advertising campaigns during the election year.

Tickets are $75, and $60 for IAB members.
To purchase tickets call 787.708.6222 or contact Jessica Sorrentini at jsorrentini at iabpuertorico dot org.