SME 2011 Annual Convention - Day One

While I was busy watching the livestream of the O'Reilly Web2.0 Expo from New York, I've been keeping an eye on the 5 channels I identified earlier:

  • SME Puerto Rico Facebook Page
  • SME Convention Home Page
  • SME Convention Event in Linked In
  • SME Twitter Feed - @SMEPuertoRico
  • SMEPR Home Page
Day One Results

Well I did find out that @SMEPuertoRico was promoting the #readysetmarket hash tag. So one bonus point, for trying. Otherwise, here is the extent of the activity during the whole first day:
  • SME Puerto Rico Facebook Page - 4 wall posts/pictures/etc.
  • SME Convention Home Page - No change.
  • SME Convention Event in Linked In - No change
  • SME Twitter Feed - @SMEPuertoRico - 3 tweets.
  • #readysetmarket Hashtag: 7 posts.
  • SMEPR Home Page - No change.

In general Puerto Rico is a late adopter in nearly almost every technology. While recognizing that everyone is waiting for a leader to break from the pack and begin to outperform with social media, maybe there's something else going on.

When hunted, gazelles prefer to stay in a pack. They believe that there is safety in numbers and they know that if anyone pulls away from the pack, they are quickly dinner for the lions hunting them.

In our case-study, I would compare the SME's leadership on social media, more akin to an ostrich, instead of a gazelle. They are perfectly willing to just stick their heads in the sand and pretend that phoning it in on social media will protect them from the hungry lions. All I can say, is thank you. Please continue to stay together and collectively hide from this exciting new medium. The lions are getting hungry, and I'm not sure how much longer they are willing to wait.



11 de octubre de 2011, 19:47
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Nice analogy!