The Puerto Rico Internet Needs Leadership

While I acknowledge that I am part of the leadership on the Internet in Puerto Rico, unfortunately I don't have the reach, yet, to influence the Puerto Rican collective Internet community.

Therefore, I urge the other leaders, like, El Nuevo Dia, The Internet Society of Puerto Rico (ISOCPR), and other companies in Puerto Rico that DO have the influence, to help us eliminate these obstacles.

There is no way that Puerto Rico will ever have a chance of building an Internet startup community if we don't enjoy the same freedoms and access that are granted to other leaders on the Internet. Can you imagine what would happen to a company if it delivered this screen to a bunch of developers in Silicon Valley? It would be suicide, or it's corporate cousin bankruptcy.

As a collective, we should have requested YouTube and countless other websites to treat us like part of the United States instead of lumping us together with Central or South America. Folks, this isn't about status, it's about opportunity. We constantly forget our ideals and accept the involvement and money of the United States, why not on the Internet too?