Largest solar project in Puerto Rico to power 6,500 homes

Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño announced Thursday that a $98 million solar-energy project – the largest ever in the Caribbean region – will be built on the island.

AES Ilumina’s 24 MW solar facility, which will create 200 jobs during the construction phase, is to be installed on a property near the southern town of Guayama that was acquired from the state-run Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO).

Fortuño said that he expects the privately financed facility to begin producing solar energy next summer and that it will be capable of meeting the energy needs of 6,500 area households.

The goal in building the utility-scale solar photovoltaic plant is to reduce the U.S. commonwealth’s dependence on fossil fuels, the governor said.

“With the vision of promoting the development of a green Puerto Rico and lessen our dependence on oil, we’ve strived to create a climate that encourages the real diversification of our energy sources,” he added.

The project is the first to benefit from a renewable energy incentives law that Fortuño signed on July 19, 2010.

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12 de octubre de 2011, 05:42
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Perfecto q le esten dando paso a la energia solar,pero PR no tiene desiertos grandes...

Pq no usar las edificaciones mas grandes del gobierno y sus techos en lugar de empezar a cubrir con planchas solares los terrenos q quizas pueden ser cultivables? *** no me consta , ni conozco el area!

Solo preg, si hay mejores alternativas,pq privarnos de ese importante recurso q son los terrenos cultivables?

Espero q sepan escoger los terrenos , pref lugares aridos y secos!