Announcing the Puerto Rico eStore

Borders departure from the island has all content hounds struggling to find the best stuff about Puerto Rico. It is our hope that this curated Puerto Rico eStore can help fill the vacuum left behind.


To be the most extensive online store for all things about Puerto Rico.

  • To effectively manage and curate our Puerto Rico eStore to only carry the most attractive and pertinent products related to Puerto Rico.
  • To provide a single location for all Puerto Rican producers of content where they can reach a highly engaged audience.

Today we're announcing the availability of a high level "best of" eStore featuring products from all of our prospective departments. This "best of" department, the Puerto Rico featured products department, offers the most relevant and interesting products about Puerto Rico available. Finally, due the incredibly talented work of world famous Puerto Rican artists, we're launching a Puerto Rican Movies and Television Department. Our high level page, the Puerto Rico eStore, contains a list of the departments under construction.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Ricardo y Marta