Walking the Social Media Marketing Walk

There's one aspect of the Internet that escapes nearly everyone. Because the Internet is made up of a bunch of computers networked together, the amount of data generated and collected is staggering. Many of our leading Internet companies thrive on that data, and those who use it wisely, grow. Think of Google, Amazon, NetFlix, and Walmart. These are all big data companies.

As you read about this vast, widely connected mesh of computers, you say to yourself, but of course. Everyone knows business in the 21st century is an IT competition. However, there are some secondary implications of this mesh of computers. For me, there is no conclusion more important than, it's very hard to trick or cheat against computers. They are very adept at making the data they collect freely available on the Internet.

On the Internet: We know if you are not walking

While many people and companies can rack up affiliations, leadership experience, and large networks, if they are not using the Internet how the Internet is designed, it will show. Furthermore, each of the wide variety of social networks, each one has it's own unique style and accepted practices. On our social networks, we can tell who is using them efficiently, and who is just there, well just because, you are supposed to be there.

So while, we still may not know if you are a dog on the Internet. I can tell whether you walk like a social media expert should. I would only declare yourself an expert if the metrics on the Internet indicate that you are one. Otherwise, you're actually a dog in a social media expert's clothing.