Mano Dura a la Policia

Today's headline in El Nuevo Dia should make everyone in Puerto Rico very worried. During the Rossello administration in Puerto Rico, they supposedly were able to reduce crime in Puerto Rico using a strategy called Mano Dura (Hard Hand). In their case, they were targeting criminals, but now the policy is going to be used by Federal Agents to target the Puerto Rico Police Department.

According to the ACLU, this new step by the Federal Government in Puerto Rico is due to a recent video. This week, Peter Garbriel’s video advocacy non-profit used the ACLU’s montage of protest footage from Puerto Rico as an example of effective video advocacy on its blog. The post dissects how the video contributed to the ACLU’s larger effort to bring awareness to police brutality and other civil rights abuses in Puerto Rico, an effort that scored a major win with the recent release of a scathing Justice Department report on the abuses of the Puerto Rico police department.

Here is the video of alleged police human rights violation by the ACLU:

Did you notice who was spraying journalists with pepper spray? That's right the Federal Bureau of Investigations. So if the FBI is going to watch the Puerto Rico Police Department, who is going to watch the FBI?