Man dies while honoring family member’s death

A 28-year-old man climbed atop seaside rocks just off a beach in Puerto Rico on Tuesday evening, so he could place a cross in honor of a family member who drowned at the same spot during 4th of July weekend.

Within a day, he died there as well.

He fell off the rocks on the “La Villa Pesquera” beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico, authorities said.

Coast Guard rescue crews recovered the man’s body Wednesday night. “Our most heartfelt condolences go out to family and friends on the loss of their loved one,” Drew Pearson, Coast Guard Sector San Juan commander, said in a statement.

Rescue crews made 13 air and surface searches, spanning 285 nautical miles throughout the area. Puerto Rico State Emergency Management Agency, Arecibo’s Office of Emergency Management, Puerto Rico Police Joint Forces of Rapid Action maritime and air units, Isabela’s Municipal Police and Emergency Medical Services personnel were also involved in the search.

By Lidia Dinkova

We too extend our condolences to the family and friends of these two terrible tragedies.

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31 de agosto de 2011, 05:17
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How sad.

MC Don Dees

31 de agosto de 2011, 06:07
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To make things worse, right before Irene another man died in almost the same place. It's ironic, but most Puerto Ricans are poor swimmers. Go figure...