Puerto Rico Bloggercon - 2011

I am comfortable in saying that I wouldn't have to revisit any of my analysis or any of the predictions I've made in the last five years about startups, the Internet in Puerto Rico, and especially Internet Marketing in Puerto Rico.

We've made a few significant steps; a strong Facebook community, the first few BarCamps, an annual Blogger Convention, and assortment of other technical conferences, but by and large, nothing has changed. The hyper-competitiveness of the Puerto Rican market stifles any real chance of progress and a strong collective zer0-sum mentality, remain as two of our biggest obstacles.

Speaking of the annual Blogger convention, I'd like to congratulate José Hernández Falcón on his leadership in bringing a third annual Puerto Rico Bloggercon together. The event is this Saturday at Terra Campeste. Go to the Puerto Rico Bloggercon "sign-up" form on the "blog."

I think Jose has put together a wide spectrum of panelists and the event should be a very interesting. Who knows, maybe even dear old MC Don Dees might be have to stop in and participate in the ongoing conversation. I'm definitely curious to see how the conversation spills out onto the social networks during and after the event.