If only we were that society

Popular Mortgage Launches Campaign to Promote Home Ownership

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Feb 16, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- As part of its initiatives to promote and orient consumers on how to go about buying a new home, Popular Mortgage unveiled a new advertising campaign today, titled "Decisiones" (Decisions). The objective of this new campaign is for people to learn about how to and make a decision to buy a new home, and take advantage of the benefits available through the government's housing incentives program, which ends June 30. Based on the lyrics of salsa singer Ruben Blades' song, Decisiones, it gathers renowned salsa performers Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda and Victor Manuel through an investment of $4 million.
While I'm sure, this effort will exceed everyone's expectations, . . . I just wonder. Can you imagine a society where money is spent in ways that spreads the direct benefit to as many people as possible instead of only directly benefiting the smallest number of people?

I can generate more engagement on the Internet for 1/10th of the cost. And not only will it be cheaper, but if the consumers engage they are usually forever willing to accept future calls to action.

I wonder how many start-ups we could launch with $3.6 million? Of course that will never happen here in Puerto Rico, because even if we aren't the society I imagined above, zero sum mentality forever blocks all of our high risk/ high growth rate start-ups.

I wonder still, will Puerto Rico ever be able to break down the barriers keeping us from embracing Internet Marketing? Is it this competitive everywhere?

P.S. If you think I'm even slightly off mark, would care to see what Rums of Puerto Rico is up to? I can't imagine how many millions are being wasted on that effort.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Jorge Lascar