Matrix transmedia story in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico tries retail lottery to boost taxes
The Associated Press via The Washington Post

Monday, February 7, 2011; 12:33 PM SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Don't throw out that lunch receipt: It could be worth $1,000.

That's the idea behind a campaign to force Puerto Rico's many tiny markets, food stalls and other mom-and-pop businesses to collect sales tax.

Puerto Rico's Treasury Department is transforming receipts into lottery tickets, printing contest numbers on each receipt and holding weekly drawings for cash prizes ranging from $100 to $1,000. It also plans to have a monthly drawing for a car.

I Don't Get it?

Really I don't get it? Do they think that people will choose a vendor that has the receipt printing machines? Do they think that Flea Markets will choose to add the receipt printing machines? To the tune of $400 million, "get the puck out of here" (sorry I had a childhood flashback about seeing the Indianapolis Racers play hockey live at Market Square Arena.). Where was I? Oh yeah, unless, unless vendors are sharing some of the action.

It's hard to change someone's habits, sure if we have to buy something from Walmart, yeah sure "gimme a receipt." But I don't see anyone volunteering to make their job more complicated, that's not in a common trait in Puerto Rican nature.

It does occur to me though, I wonder who's going to earn the nice contract to install and maintain the receipt printing machines and necessary back-end processing service? If it's not outsourced, will the local lottery agency pick-up the task? With out hiring more people?


Luis benitez

14 de febrero de 2011, 07:20
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The machines are free for vendors so no extra cost. For my wife's biz, evertec is doing the installation. I think this is a good system. It has worked very well in Argentina

MC Don Dees

14 de febrero de 2011, 11:41
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Thanks for sharing Luis. Can you share anything about the relationship? For instance, does she get a cut, I mean what's in it for her?

I anticipated that the system was going to be from Evertec, but I didn't know for sure. Thanks for clearing that up.

Luis Benitez

20 de febrero de 2011, 19:19
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Hi, no she doesn't get a cut of revenue. She does get one benefit, however. It seems that now monies will flow directly to Hacienda and she doesn't have to worry about doing a check every month for Hacienda and another for Guaynabo (we are not sure yet on this since details, even for actual retailers, are still sketchy).