A Glimpse of a Bipartisan Future

I remember last year explaining to Gil the Jenius, that I thought that Puerto Rico was actually ahead of the United States when it comes to government. My conclusion was driven by my observations of the Democratic, Reuplican, and newcomer Tea Party and their politics of division.

I said, if they keep going down that route, they'll end up with the immobilization we currently suffer from. In my, not so humble opinion, one of biggest obstacles to progress in Puerto Rico is the animosity shared between the Popular Democratic Party and the New Progressive Party. An animosity so consuming that when ever there is a shift of power, the most important items on the "todo" list become reversing any programs, projects, or laws the other party was behind.

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives passed, with the assistance of their new majority, a bill to REPEAL the Obama Health Care option. From the Washington Post:

By Ezra Klein


The worst portent for health-care reform last night wasn't the repeal vote itself, but what didn't come with it: Any replacement bill that Republicans were committed to passing. The second half of the Republican strategy on health-care reform -- you remember "repeal and replace" right? -- was, in the GOP House's first major initiative, simply dropped. It shouldn't have been.

Believe me when I say this, sometimes I wish my predictions didn't come true, I guess that's what I get from applying my extensive systems analysis skills to my addiction for news and history. Doy!