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I'm finding that MediaPost is a resource of growing relevance and assistance. If you're looking to understand this new mess of interactive, digital, Internet, and social media marketing, then I'd suggest you become a member (it's free, hehe, well except for the plethora of ads) and subscribe to a few of their feeds. I think you'll agree that they offer some great advice.

In a recent post from David Berkowitz on the Social Media Insider they offer some more valuable insight into the challenge marketing agencies face as they attempt to morph into the social media agency of the future. In a brief interview with 360i's CEO Bryan Wiener, Berkowitz spells out some clear mandates for understanding what social media means for agencies.

  1. Social marketing is indispensable in creating a direct relationship between a consumer and a brand. And building relationships is becoming a more critical component of brand marketing as the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented and cluttered.
  2. For agencies that want to be indispensable marketing partners to their clients, they need to commit to developing expertise within social and, even beyond that, commit to keeping pace with consumer behavior and bolstering their skills at fostering consumer relationships across all channels.
  3. The old, siloed model of advertising, promotion, sales, customer service and IT just doesn't cut it anymore.
  4. If marketers really want to rapidly and radically impact change in the agency ecosystem, it starts with how they allocate their dollars. And while many are paying lip service to relationships and conversation, not enough marketers, media properties or agencies have made the structural and budgetary changes necessary to adapt to this new model of marketing.
  5. Understanding that there now NEEDS to be a value exchange between consumers and brands in their advertising and marketing is probably the single biggest change to the marketing industry since the advent of TV advertising. The strategy of intruding and interrupting is replaced by informing and engaging.
Again, just five simple mandates that could dramatically change how any agency of marketer in Puerto Rico approaches Internet Marketing. Unfortunately with most everyone still stuck in "ostrich marketing" land, these steps might seem impossible. For me, as our economy continues to contract, the imperative to change behavior is becoming overwhelming difficult to ignore.




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