Dogfooding Internet Marketing in Puerto Rico

A while back I caught some flak for being a little too harsh in my summation of Internet Marketing in Puerto Rico, however, within that post I was trying to make a point. It's not surprising that Seth Godin could make my point more succinct and direct. I encourage you to click on over and read one of his latest posts "Watch the money."

Seth gets right to the heart of my post with his closing sentence:

"Money (time and attention) is more than a transfer of value. It's a statement of belief. An ad agency that won't buy ads, a consultant who won't buy consulting, and a waiter who doesn't tip big—it's a sign, and not a good one."
I broadened Seth's definition of money because sometimes we tend to undervalue the time and attention we spend on some "work", but they do have a cost; even if it might be an opportunity cost. For example if you spend time following people on Twitter and responding back to their messages, that is time you could have used on something else.

If I could get you to do (get) just one thing from reading this post, it would be this. The next time someone is trying to sell you something related to Internet Marketing, a new web page, a Facebook application, an iPhone application, a Facebook campaign, a banner ad, whatever, take a good hard look at their web presence.

If they say that Facebook is the next best thing since the invention of the hinged tostonera, look at how the salesperson and her (or his) company is using Facebook. If there is a mismatch, I would be very cautious in doing business with them.

Our Story

Throughout our life on the web, many people have suggested that we use off-line advertising to promote our site. However, we've always resisted the urge, especially guerrilla marketing tactics. Why? For just the reason that Seth describes.

We stayed away from offline advertising for two reasons. First, we believed that it was important to show how much we believed in our product and how much we believed in the Internet. We knew that the only way to build our traffic was by using search engine optimization and through the power of search engine marketing. We knew that the best time to reach users (and customers) was when they were siting in front of a computer, not driving 65 mph.

Of course, the other reason we didn't do any off-line advertising was because we were flat broke and couldn't afford anything else. LOL, but seriously. We are one of the most popular web sites in Puerto Rico, made in Puerto Rico, that is not a media company. While that might not seem like much of an achievement, when you consider that we've never spent a dollar on off-line advertising, I'd say we are living proof of the power of Internet Marketing. And that is what I'm talking about.

If you can find someone else who is doing a better job at promoting Internet Marketing in Puerto Rico, by all means, check them out. However, if you can't find another company, or if their web presence doesn't match up to what they are trying to sell, then drop us a line. As they say, we eat our own dog food.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons