Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

While the topic of the day is protest , I'd like to share another perspective. When you were a child, did you ever have a dream? Perhaps you wanted to be a fireman, an astronaut, or who knows, maybe a Transfomer. However, as you grew older, your hopes and dreams changed. For most of us, reality begins to diminish the glimmer of those dreams. We begin to make subtle decisions, which slowly extinguish the light of our dreams. Then, before you can even catch your breath, your dreams have died, victims of years of subtle decisions. Want to hear another version, then I highly recommend you watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture:"Achieving Your Childhood Dreams."

I have a close friend and his son he has a dream. He wants to be a pop star. While he finished high school, got a decent job, and started working his way through a degree at UPR, an opportunity presented itself. He started singing with some friends and finally formed a group. However, to pursue his dream, it meant that he had to quit everything. So he did.. But his father said that he wouldn't support him like he had been while he was attending school; he could stay and eat at home, but that was it. It was a tough choice, not only for him, but his family.

Over the course of the summer, I had a few opportunities to speak with the young man. I wanted to share with him my support for what he was doing. I wanted to let him know that he wasn't alone, and that the isolation he was feeling was normal. Much like the manifestations today, I told him that his greatest struggle was to combat the status quo. While he wants to chase his dream, most adults are encouraging him to get back into line and not to make waves. To them I offer you the words of Steve Jobs:

"We're here to make a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?"
So to hell with not making waves. I say, make so many waves that you dent the universe. So today, I'm asking you to help my friend's son put a dent in this world. I've talked with the young man, and he knows the reality of the new music industry. So while embracing all of the social media tools available, they have started their journey. They've created their first waves and who knows how far he'll be able to go or how big of a dent he will make.

However, I hope that when you hear them, you'll help me to amplify his waves and help him reach his dream. Please watch the following video. If you agree with me, that these young Borikeños have something worth spreading, then please do so. Become of fan of theirs on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, share their video with your friends, and help them make this world a more beautiful place. It's an honor to present you "Me Falta" from Anima 5: