When politics become irrelevant

I don't really want to weigh in on the "big" news that Caguas Mayor, William Miranda Marin will run for Governor in 2012, but I'm compelled to, so I'll keep this short. For me, there isn't any more evidence needed, than this simple declaration, to demonstrate how seriously doomed we are.

In my opinion, any discussion about candidates or elections so far ahead of the actual electoral process, is just a waste of time. There are too many failing systems and critical issues on the table for anyone to be parading around discussing politics.

I'm disgusted with the politicians that opened up the topic. I'm disgusted with all of the news media for slobbering over themselves to report this "news" and for failing to hold these politicians accountable for taking their attention off of their current responsibilities.

To complete the disgust trifecta, I'm disgusted with every citizen that latched onto this non-news event and willingly discussed politics at a time when we should be discussing how we are going to organize ourselves, roll up our collective sleeves, and get to work fixing our broken social, education, and economic systems. These problems are our problems. The failure of these systems impact our lives and those of our families.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I'll tell you why Willie's declaration is irrelevant. It's irrelevant because it doesn't even matter anymore which party runs our government. It should now be obvious after 9 years of non-leadership and non-action by both PPD and NPP parties, that our political system is pointless. It's pointless because our government is so completely incompetent.

We continue to believe that "the government" is responsible for our problems, and therefore should resolve them. We blame them to avoid the uncomfortable truth that we are the real ones to blame for allowing our enchanted island to become what it is today. How bad must things get until we collectively exclaim, in disgust: "Enough is enough, we will not accept the status quo?"

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: Mauro Luna