More Internet Marketing Metrics

As I mentioned in my post about Puerto Rico Internet Marketing Metrics, there are two other areas that we can use to measure the success or state of Internet marketing in Puerto Rico.

The first, is to use the recommendations, err, correct that, the selections, of the WebAD Awards given out by the Asociación de Ejecutivos de Ventas y Mercadeo de Puerto Rico (SME). For three yeas now, these awards have been given out during the Puerto Rico Internet Forum. This an an interesting metric to consider because the winners represent the best examples of Internet marketing, from the local marketing communities' perspective. In 2009, they gave out five awards. Here are the categories and the sites (or campaigns) which won:

I'd like to be able to at least give you the links to the previous two awards, but the SMEPR site does not have them available. The rules for participation in the 2009 awards are available here (unless they change). The key rule to understand is that
"Judges will be selected by the SME President and should belong to the Internet industry and academia, but not from agencies."
Which is to say, a panel of judges select the winners of the WebAd awards. Again, not to restate the obvious here, but I believe that part of the criteria that the judges should use, should be based on objective measurements, traffic, hits, links, the amount of search marketing dollars used, etc. Part of my aversion to even sharing the WebAd awards as a metric is the closed and secretive nature of the awards. Who knows, they may actually use metrics, but if they do they're not sharing them.


The other metric we can use is, to measure the existence and popularity of blogs in Puerto Rico. Luckily there are two websites that have already done some of the work needed to draw some conclusions.

Puerto Blogs

The first is Puerto Blogs. Puerto Blogs offers a directory where anyone can register their blog. At the time of this post, there are 1,271 blogs in the directory. One nice feature the site has is a blog post aggregate. As new posts appear on the blogs in the directory, a snap shot is pulled from the site's RSS feed and listed on Puerto Blogs web site. You can also drill down on a particular category, and get the feeds from the blogs in a specific category.


The other site is Blogalaxia. This site also features a directory, where you can register your blog, but the feature that we can squeeze the most juice out of is their ranking of sites for Puerto Rico. In their ranking you can see sites ranked by popularity or by the number of visits. An explanation for how Blogalaxia determines these rankings can be found here. It should not be a big surprise but no major company is listed in the top 50 blogs in either ranking.


From Puerto Blogs and Blogalaxia, we can conclude one of three things. Either the majority of blogs in Puerto Rico are personal in nature, that businesses in Puerto Rico with blogs have not registered on either of the sites, or that there aren't many businesses with blogs in Puerto Rico. I'm inclined to lean towards all of those conclusions, which is what this whole series of posts is all about anyway.

Well, except by word of mouth, that's all of the metrics I know about to measure Puerto Rico's use of social media and/or the Internet in marketing. If I've missed any, please share them by posting a comment. Next, we'll wade into the sticky question. If we assume that most of the marketing and public relations people in Puerto Rico know about the power of the Internet, why aren't they using it and if they aren't, how can they start?

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