Criminal definition = our demise

Héctor Ferrer: What me worry?I've ranted on this before, but it's always worth the time to provide concrete examples to justify my opinions. Briefly, a criminal is anyone guilty of a crime. It's a pretty simple definiti9on which probably lumps nearly everyone together. We're all criminals, some get caught, some don't, some get punished, some don't.

But for most of us, if we commit a crime or whether we get punished it's really not really news. I contend, that it does make a difference, if we do or don't, but I'm getting ahead of my story.

Now let's imagine that you are a highly recognizable public figure. If you commit a crime and get punished, well, it's just what we would expect. That's news. So knowing that you are a public figure, it should be pretty clear. If you step out of line, you'll see your indiscretions plastered all over the news. Should that impact your behavior? Apparently not.

Recently the President of the Popular Democratic Party, Héctor Ferrer, was caught illegally using the emergency lane, for which he was fined $250. When asked about the infraction, Ferrer commented, "Me dieron un boleto y se acabó." Loosely translated, he said, "Hey I broke the law. I'm a criminal, and so what?"

Well I'll tell you so what. Right or wrong, like it or not, when you are one of the leading political figures on the island and you express absolutely no remorse for committing a crime, it speaks volumes about you and the society that you live in. What is says, is that breaking the law is something to be taken lightly.

What that says about our culture is that we live within a criminal state. Crime is diminished and accepted, until someone innocent gets hurt. Then we ask, "How could two cars of fugitives have a shoot-out on one of the busiest streets in all of Puerto Rico?" Answer: It's easy! When the lines between what is accepted behavior and what is unacceptable are blurred by commoners up through leading publicly elected officials, it becomes increasingly difficult for some to tell the difference.

Just to clarify, this isn't about morality and right or wrong. This is about consciously and unconsciously making decisions that shape our society, our future, and, from my perspective, our demise.

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Luis Benitez

25 de abril de 2009, 08:09
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!00% with you.. !! I think even the cops here don't care if people break the law. How many times have you seen people break the law in front of a cop and the cops don't do a thing?

Just the other day I was at the beach and I spotted 3 pitbulls. The 3 cops in their fourtrak didn't do anything.

Where I live, there sidewalks are painted yellow and prohibit parking. Yet, cars are all over the sidewalk and there's a police car that goes by at least once an hour.

IMHO, Puerto Rico would be rich if only the cops were to enforce the law and issues fines.