Recognizing when lies no longer achieve their purpose

A week or so ago, the Puerto Rico government's economic development team faced their first, and perhaps, most fierce challenge. In a leading business article in the El Nuevo Dia, these leaders explained how they were going to convince investment leaders that Puerto Rico was on the path to recuperation.

Having just made the claim that nothing was possible to save our economy, I found this strategy typical; typical of a status quo which is unwilling to recognize the severity of our situation. As Gil mentioned in this biting assessment of this situation, all of our leaders are terrified to tell everyone the emporer has no clothes on, thus sticking their neck out over the chopping block of public opinion.

In "What the Bleep Do We Know," the metaphysical in-bred cousin of "The Secret," they claim that when Columbus and other explorers landed on our island and many other lands just like us, the native population couldn't even see the new travelers. The movie claims that because the natives had no context in which to understand what they were seeing their minds merely ignored what they were seeing. Or as stated in the Wikipedia article about the film, the film discusses:

"Beliefs about who one is and what is real, form oneself and one's realities."
So in the article from the El Nuevo Dia, Carlos Garcia, President of the Govermental Development Bank, states that he is going to present a case that Puerto Rico's economy is ready to grow at a consistent basis, starting right now in 2009. However, in the very same article he is quoted as confessing that, the government's overestimation of the economy and the tax revenues that it would collect, are, in part, the cause of our current crisis.

Yes, I know I'm just a picky whiner who reads the lines, then reads between the lines, and then unfairly compares those lines, but let me get this right. Our economic development leaders are saying, that while they've overestimated the strength of our economy in the past, they are confident that are NOW on the road to recovery. Hello, cognitive dissonance anyone? Sounds to me like we are staring straight at the invading ships of economic doom, but reject their presence.

The spiral begins (strenghtens?)...

Starting with this post, I'm going to follow these events and layout how we are moving into the beginning, of the end; the end of the life styles most have come to expect, demand, flaunt, and, yes, even kill for. As I watched this event play out, and saw the El Nuevo Dia report on the results of the investment banking meeting, it became clear to me how the reality I see, will suddenly become very real for many other people. Like being poked in the forehead, our intractable problems will instantly pop out, in broad contrast, to the illusion our leaders wish to sustain, and the masses willingly consume.