A judgement of leadership

As I observe President Barrack Obama from afar, I'm struck with the stark contrast between his immediate action to implement unpopular decisions, and the surrender of Governor Luis Fortuño when faced with opposition.

From the Attorney for the case against Governor Luis Fortunño's leadership:

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I submit that when Governor Fortuño backed away from implementing the recommendations of the Consejo Asesor de Reconstrucción Económica y Fiscalto (CAREF), he was quite clearly retreating from a swelling tide of opposition. He surrendered and retracted the proposal rather then implement unpopular decisions and fight a potentially long campaign to get the recommendations approved.

I also submit that politics is not for the weak. It is a complex game of negotiation, compromise, and consensus building. All of these actions require political capital. Politics is like poker, you never show your hand before your opponent calls. And most importantly, when you are caught bluffing, you quickly lose respect, power, and political capital.

So when the Fortuño camp claimed that they were merely testing the political waters with the announcement of the CAREF's proposals, they were merely attempting to save face (read spin) for having been caught bluffing. By making the recommendations of the committee publicly known it was his full intention to follow through with those recommendations. There was clearly time and opportunity to vet these proposals with special interests (in private) and build consensus before their announcement."
From the Judge in the case against Governor Luis Fortunño's leadership:
"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your services are no longer required. Never before have I heard such a clear cut case. I'm ready to render my decision. On Wednesday January 14th of 2009, the Governorship of Puerto Rico by Luis Fortuño was over. In what will be seen as the shortest span as Governor of Puerto Rico, he became the third straight "lame duck" Governor. Much like the well accepted strategy of never negotiating with terrorists, Gov. Fortuño has exposed himself as weak and yielding. He empowered all of the gridlocked special interests, thus sowing the seeds of strong opposition to any future attempts for change. After only 12 days in office Gov. Fortuño sentenced Puerto Rico to four more years of stagnation and economic recession.

In contrast, on only his second day in office, President Obama signed three executive orders, without regard to their opposition and potential unpopularity. In these simple actions he demonstrated that he was going to comply with his campaign promises. But, more importantly, he was going to make decisions not based on popularity or repercussion, but upon his belief in what is in the best interest of the country which he now leads."
Oh how we need a leader in Puerto Rico who has the conviction, charisma, and internal fortitude to make and implement tough decisions. Where is our "savior" in our time of need?