A challenge: How to save an addict?

First of all I want to commend Gil the Jenius for answering my questions. He didn't have to, but he did and the passion he put into his responses fills me with hope. As before, I don't necessarily agree with all of his answers, but, unlike most, Gil and I believe that differences are healthy, for they fuel the research, conversation, and debate necessary in evolving solutions which build consensus.

It may not come through, but I care deeply about Puerto Rico. Besides living here, I have children growing up here, so I care deeply about Puerto Rico and it's future. I tell everyone that I believe it is paradise, what I don't like is how this paradise is treated. It disappoints and frustrates me that this paradise is not cherised and protected, like you would anything you value highly.

I really appreciate the time Gil put into his answers. He has stimulated my thoughts and challenged some of my assumptions. For that, I thank you Gil, but know this. I'm not quite satisfied with some of your answers, so I'll be picking up those threads again. Especially about the topic of oppression (which was the word I should have used) and pride, which I have to confess didn't come out exactly how I wanted. I was impressed by Gil's list, but that left me with the sense of having asked the wrong question. Of course, there are many things and people Puerto Ricans should be proud of, but it should be more than a list. I have a hunch that if I can ask a better question, we can get closer to understanding how to initiate action.

The time for words and lofty speeches are gone. It should become increasingly clear, that the only way we can change our staus is if we unite. Only with unity and solidarity will we establish momentum towards resolving our status. However, as Gil pointed out, according to the United Nations, we've been charged with resolving our status for 55 years and have failed to do so.

Gil is right, we are an economic colony of the United States, but we are so by choice. Much like the cocaine addict is an economic colony of Columbia. Both offer escapism. One through drugs and the other through the illusions of television and consumption. But we are both still addicts.

Our challenge, is equal to that of a concerned family member to an addict. We feel powerless because we are unable to influence the perception and behavior which keeps our beloved locked into a cycle of addiction. However, I know. I believe. That there is a way to breakthrough the cycle of addiction. It may require that we must witness our society hit absolute rock bottom. But there is a bottom. And once we reach it, the only way to go is up. Hopefully a leader (a real leader) will be there to lead us to finally finish what was started 55 years ago. So, yes Virginia, there is hope.

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MC Don Dees

9 de diciembre de 2008, 10:11
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If the number of plasma and LCD televisions I've seen being bought recently is any indication about the future of our addiction. I'd say it looks like were getting bigger straws to become further enveloped in the illusion (addiction). This whole hitting bottom thing looks like it might take a while. But as the addiction worsens, it follows that the bottom won't be far behind.