Stop me if you've heard this one....

Am I your future?It's a good one. Every time I hear it, man it just slays me. Ok, Ok. It goes something like this. There's this politician, and he's speaking (could be in person, in a debate, or in an advertisement) and he says, "Blah, blah, blah education..." And then, wait for it, he says because "I believe that children are our future!" Whew, man, that is so freaking hilarious. Do you get it? Get it?

Anyone having a WTF moment right about now? Ok, how about this one. Do you know how you can tell when a politician is lying?...When he's moving his mouth. LOL. Alright, what's this all about? When you hear a politician drop the "children are our future" line, do you have the uncontrollable need to shout at the TV, "Well if they are our future, then I'd say we're pretty screwed. Cause, we nearly ignore them every chance we get."

The disconnect between the "children are our future" ;ine and reality is so great, as to become grotesque, especially here in Puerto Rico. Our schools look like Nazi concentration camps, they have extremely outdated resources or no resources at all, the teachers are barely paid more than minimum wage, and we have one of the highest dropout rates.

Before I get to the point of this rant, let's examine post-secondary education and the prospect for gainful employment in Puerto Rico. Let's assume Junior has made it through high school with an average or less than average grade point average. Well hello Ana G. Mendez or InterAmerican or what I like to call, welcome to the Pell grant factory, the line to collect free tuition starts on the right. By the way, anyone wonder how effective those new InterAmerican bill boards are? I mean WTF?

So some kid who hates school but decides to got to college is driving down the street partying with his friends when all of a sudden he sees these compelling advertisements and immediately says, "you know I suddenly feel like enrolling in InterAmerican University." Huh, I wonder what's up with that, hey pass me that blunt.

If Junior is lucky enough to get accepted to UPR, then at least he has a chance of getting a decent education. He graduates to suddenly find that Puerto Rico's wages are the lowest among all of the 50 states. He shops his resume around and is offered twice the wages, twice the benefits, and relocation costs, to which he quickly says ...later.

And the Call to Action

Ultimately though, I blame our youth for settling for so little. They eat our mass-consumerism values up with a spoon and fork, often repeating two and three times. They don't want to work, they don't want to get involved, they don't care about politics, and they certainly can't be bothered to stand up to "the establishment" to demand a better future. They share the latest ring tones and admire each other's mobile toys. Is it me, or do they resemble retards who get easily amused by shiny objects?

While there may be one or two gatos who aren't settling for less, they are in such a minority to not matter at all. Unfortunately for all I've tried to break through their consumeristic, sex fueled, party zombie haze, I can't. I guess there is something to what my aunt once told me. She said that she didn't know what happened, but as soon as kids became teenagers, they changed. And the change made them unreasonable, irresponsible, and unreachable.

What I'd like to see is for everyone under 25 to take the red pill and wake up to the harsh deal they're being handed. They need to ban together and stand up to "the establishment" and say basta ya. We don't need any more shopping malls, we need better schools. We don't want to see more advertising, we want to see our teachers get paid better. We don't want care about status, we want more opportunities to work our way through college. We don't want more handouts to a second class education, we want you to honor your "commitment" to invest in our future, so that we can deliver that better and brighter tomorrow you all believe is our destiny.

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sin machete

29 de diciembre de 2008, 21:33
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Well, I heard all that before.
That is why I write a blog that
most people do not read.

But it is original, and keeps
me mentally sane.

Good luck in all your proyects.