Puerto Rican Matrix

I may have mentioned it before, but when talking to an old friend about the tourism industry, he commented, "that maybe Puerto Ricans like Puerto Rico just the way it is." Recently I decided that this was more true than I ever wanted to believe. I now have extended his comment and say, in general, we like Puerto Rico exactly like it is (in every way). For I ask you, if we didn't like the way things are, don't you think we would change? Or at least try to change...

In my opinion, this situation can only be described by admitting that we've created an alternate reality. A "reality" which nearly all of us have chosen to accept without question. I call this the "Puerto Rican Matrix."

Also in my opinion, this is not meant to be a universal truth, but more of a situation of the mob majority rules. So let's consider what we like. We like:

  • to pay some the highest energy costs in the free world;
  • even though we pay those high costs, we all still lose power with alarming frequency;
  • that our politicians say to the world that we have a first-rate power system;
  • to lose our water supply with alarming frequency;
  • to have people cut in front of us in lines and in our cars;
  • to see garbage in our streets, schools, beaches, everywhere;
  • to see every post, tree, fence, or wall covered with advertisements;
  • to waste a lot of our time, in doctor's office, public utility offices, everywhere;
  • chaos, in every situation, almost without exception;
  • to have one of the highest murder rates in the western world;
  • to ignore that a major portion of our citizens live in poverty;
  • to ignore that our alcohol consumption is one of the highest in the world;
  • to see politician, after politician, charged (and usually convicted) of corruption;
  • to see our government paralyzed by partisan politics, especially every time there is a party change in the Forteleza;
  • to see our vote (our will) ignored by politicians (unicameralidad anyone?);
  • to see our roads decay so badly that we can film a movie, in one of our most advanced cities, which supposedly takes place in war torn Iraq, and we're actually proud of this;
  • to teach our children 12 years of English, but accept that less than a third are actually bilingual;
  • to ignore 400 years of oppression by Spain, for which we are extremely proud, but despise the United States, even though without their investment in PR we would be as poor as the Dominican Republic.
They are many other things we like, but I hope you can see that we live in a Matrix of lies. Lies which we prefer, rather than face the harsh realities of our situation. We are just like Cypher, who preferred his life in the Matrix, in ignorance of the real world's hardships. I suggest, that just like Cypher, by choosing to remain in the Matrix we betray our children and the future we are creating for them. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to take the red pill and face our hardships together as a truly unified community.

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The Insider

11 de noviembre de 2008, 09:49
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Instead of taking the red pill, we have been taking the "gold can".