Is Friday the worst day for...everything?

Typical consuming thought for most people on FridaySometimes I amaze myself at how stupid I can be, even worse, I can even be aware that I'm being stupid, and still go ahead with things that I know are stupid. Does that mean that I'm a moron or just retarded? But before I digress into complete self administered humiliation, I've got a point here.

Don't ever try to do anything for your business on a Friday. Now here comes the stupid over-statement of the obvious. Why shouldn't you do anything on Friday? Since most people work a standard Monday to Friday work schedule, by the time Friday arrives, they only have one thing on their mind: consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Call it escapism, or "Carpe Diem," there's a good reason for the "Thank God It's Friday" expression.

Just what am I talking about? Here's a quick list of things you should never try on Friday:

  • Launch a new campaign, contest, give-away, or anything requiring people to pay attention to what you're trying to communicate (that includes important or lofty blog posts)
  • And yes that does include meetings, launching internal projects, or, again, anything requiring clients or employees to pay attention.
  • Assign a new project to an employee, chances are they won't make any significant progress on the new assignment until Monday (even more so if it's a three day weekend).
Well I think that just about covers it, I mean let's be serious here, people have some serious drinking on their mind. There just isn't any room for anything else. So while I know this, hell I used to live this when I were a younger man, I still insist on writing about weighty issues on Friday. Why?

It's a mix of a couple of things. First, when you work independently, the concept of Friday disappears as one day to the next all seem the same. Second, there is no denying that there is more activity on the Internet, where I live, between Monday and Friday (recall the typical work structure I just mentioned). So after a week's worth of activity, news, announcements, and reactions I usually have built up some powerful responses and need to vent. Call it a release, catharsis, or whatever, right about Friday I'm due for a core dump. Finally, as a writer, whenever muse, inspiration, creativity, and topic come together, you've got to roll with it. Know what I mean?

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor: ian boyd