San Juan Star Closes

San Juan Star ClosesFriday August 30th English journalism in Puerto Rico came to an end when the last issue of the San Juan Star rolled off the printing presses. As Dondequiera reader Luis commented last Friday, USA Today has confirmed that the paper has closed, Gerry Angulo, the owner, said, blaming the union for not agreeing to benefit cuts and layoffs to offset declining revenue.

The newspaper, which once employed Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Kennedy as its managing editor, had 120 employees, about 90 of them union members, including reporters and photographers.

Angulo said the Star has been losing money for years but the situation worsened with a recession in Puerto Rico and the broader decline in newspaper readership and advertising.

The Internet becomes last resource

While Luis also commented that there was rumor that the San Juan Star was going to be moving to the Internet, I doubt that is much of a possibility now. With no staff, I'm not sure how that might happen.

Does it now follow that English bloggers in Puerto Rico are the last bastion of journalism for Puerto Rico? Regardless of what may be the popular opinion about bloggers, our qualifications, our objectivity, our bias, or our amateur status, let's face it. We are all that is left! What does this mean? Is this an opportunity for someone? Is this our new burden?

One thing is clear. What we need more than anything here in Puerto Rico is more journalistic reporting, not less. An uninformed society is easily manipulated by those with the resources to do so.


Luis Benitez

3 de septiembre de 2008, 08:00
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So sad... I truly liked this paper.. stories that were to the point and mostly seemed unbiased. Perhaps the Caribbean Business will go daily?